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2 Coat Rob, LLC  was founded by Rob Solomon. Rob has over 20 years of experience in the painting industry. He gained much of his experience at Walt Disney World, in Florida, where he painted and managed his team.  


Rob's dream was to own a painting contracting business, one that would showcase his talents and expertise in the Painting Industry, as well as foster his core values. This became a reality in 2020 when 2 Coat Rob was born.   

Rob prides himself on providing the best customer experience to all of his clients. He accomplishes this by providing the best quality painting services, assisting customers with design efficiency, and providing transparency throughout the project’s lifecycle. Experience the 2 Coat Rob difference! 

What About the Name?
Rob noticed over the years some painters would only paint one coat of paint on an area and call it complete. When this happens, the quality of the paint finish is inferior on a durability level. In addition, the color you choose loses integrity as the old paint color can show through giving you a different tone or hue. These are two reasons we insist on 2 coat application of paint.  Naming the business 2 COAT ROB is an easy way to let our customers know our standard paint service begins with 2 quality coats to ensure lasting, beautiful results.  
When receiving and comparing Painting quotes, please ask how many applications of paint this includes. Whether you choose us or not, please insist on 2 coat application for all your painting projects to achieve true color results.

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